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Evaluation of the European Food Safety Authority. (EFSA) states, however, that can not be attributed to the risk of ingestion of phosphorus in the form of phosphate additives to food. In another study, scientists from 2013. Pointed out the link between diets containing high amounts of phosphates and increased mortality of the population in the United States. Health committee decision was taken by 32 votes “for”, 22 against. Parliament as a whole is expected to vote on this proposal at its plenary session in Strasbourg in December will tell. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) announced that it will re-evaluate the safety of food additives phosphate by the end of 2018. From Brussels Krzysztof Strzępka (PAP) According to the Law on the Supreme Court, which entered into force on April 3, the day following the expiration of three months from the date of retirement passed by operation of law the Supreme Court judges who have completed 65 years of age.

Therefore, from July 4 to stop – according to the law – to perform their functions. They may further decide if within one month from the entry into force of the new Act made a statement and presented the relevant medical certificates, and the president agrees to continue to occupy their position Supreme Court Judge. Malgorzata Gersdorf, who has completed 65 years of age, has not made such a declaration. Gersdorf – elected for the first President of the Supreme Court in 2014. – emphasized repeatedly that the term of office of the President and the Supreme Court in accordance with the Constitution takes 6 lat.zobacz also P.Mucha of Gersdorf: You can not be retired while on vacation at the same time »On Wednesday, a spokesman for the Supreme Court Michal Laskowski reported that the president of the Chamber of Labor and Social Security Iwulski MV Joseph, who directs the work of the Supreme Court has already decided that it will pay compensation judge Malgorzata Gersdorf like any other employee working or benefiting from leave. As reported on Monday the Supreme Court press team, prof. Gersdorf will be on vacation until July 19. Judge Iwulski, confirmed on Wednesday in Polsat News that Prof..

Gersdorf salary will be paid as if working normally. “Eventually, I decided to take it at your own risk. We used the statutory formula to this decision could not involve any negative consequences for the chief accountant and the head office (SN)” – zaznaczył.zobacz also SN: Malgorzata Gersdorf on vacation until July 19 »was Iwulski asked if expecting possible consequences of this decision. “Yes, I think that may be a consequence of disciplinary proceedings. It may also be a special procedure before special committees ws. Breach of public finance discipline” – pointed to the Supreme Court judge. When asked whether the professor. Gerdsorf get salary and the President of the Supreme Court, the judge Iwulski stressed that the decision on this matter will be taken next week. “It has to be separated into two decisions.

The salary will be next week, but today it was necessary to decide whether or not to provide the benefits associated with the transition into retirement: briefing and possibly other costs. It has been decided that we do not pay your CEO Gersdorf severance and other benefits associated with the transition to retirement “- said Iwulski. Applicants for inheritance after Prime Minister Theresa May Hunt, who before entering politics was an entrepreneur and is the richest member of the government, announced a special aid amounting to six billion pounds to farmers and fishermen affected by the lowering of the Common Agricultural Policy and Common Fisheries Policy. Transferred the money would help cover the duties, which would be implemented in case of leaving the Community without a new trade agreement. BBC pointed out that the project is modeled on the US president proposed by Donald Trump subsidies for farmers affected by the duties Chin.zobacz also Johnson: Brexit October 31, whatever happened »Former Minister. Brexitu Johnson as the only realize at the time brexit »project Foreign Minister also assumes creation of a special government commission that would be responsible for preparing the UK circumstance out of the EU without a contract, as well as on transport team with a mandate to minimize delays at airports and ports. “I know that you measure of uncertainty, if we have to leave the Community without an agreement. This will minimize the impact (of such a step) for your (company), and will help alleviate short-term problems.

If we could do this for bankers during the financial crisis, we can also for fishermen , farmers and small businesses now “- said Hunt. On the other hand, being the bookmakers favorite in the fight for the keys to Downing Street former foreign minister Boris Johnson is planning increases in the public sector. Declaration to this effect made on behalf of Health Minister Matt Hancock, who estimated that should “show some love the officials” and offer “fair compensation” for their work, ending with the ongoing policy since 2010 to freeze the salaries of civil servants. At the end of this week approx. 160 thousand.

Conservative Party members will begin the process of choosing a new leader of the Party and future Prime Minister of Britain, which will replace the outgoing position with Theresa May. Voting cards will be distributed on Friday, and historical studies indicate that a significant part of the Tory sympathizers captures the voices already in the first days, without waiting for further development of the election campaign. Voting will last until July 22, and the result should be announced the next day, Tuesday, July 23. The new prime minister will probably stand on Wednesday, July 24, after the weekly session of questions and answers, which will be for May, an opportunity to bid payforaresearchpaper farewell to the office. Before the new head of government will become a challenge early resumption of talks with the European Union ws.

Find a compromise concerning the conditions leave the Community before the agreed date of October 31, the date of brexitu. She added, Despite the fact that the document underlines the voluntary nature of refugee reception, Poland, as a member of the UN Security Council, acknowledged that his position expresses the non-participation in the vote. The document, despite the non-binding nature, may be grounds to influence the individual countries, eg. In carrying out resettlement – reads the MIA. The recommendation sent to the head of the Polish Foreign Minister Jack Czaputowicz Interior Ministry chief Joachim Brudzinski noted that ws Global Pact. Refugees “is a political declaration and contains political commitments into concrete action.” “They aim to create a global division of responsibility for refugees and the burden of their support and taking on its territory” – reads the MIA. According to the Polish, ws Geneva Convention.

Refugees should be the basis of international law in this area. It estimated that “documents such as the Global Compact on Refugees bring too many ambiguities concerning the rules of international conduct towards refugee crises.” According to the Polish government, the adoption of the declaration may result in pressure on the part of the RP associated with the United Nations and non-governmental organizations aimed at inducing the government to fulfill its obligations wider than expected (eg. Making resettlement). Moreover, according to Polish, the pact does not put sufficient emphasis on lasting solution to the situation of refugees by supporting their regions of origin, as well as the implementation of voluntary return to their countries. Ws pact.

Refugees is separate from the UN pact migration (Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration), adopted on December 10 at a conference in Marrakesh. With the signing of that non-binding document with the assumptions disseminate standards and norms relating to migration and to facilitate cooperation between States in this area, some abandoned countries, including Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, Hungary, Switzerland, Australia, Israel and the USA. (PAP) Author: Olga Zakolska As told PAP spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office in Ostrow Wielkopolski. Maciej Meler, 60-year-old put the victims in error as to his person, Chimney Sweeps performed without the required license and make out documentation as proof of payment. According to the prosecutor’s office charged for services they were not high – ranged from 30 to 40 zlotys, “but the scale defrauded people testifies to the fact that the man acted with intent entered into with top and made aware of this regular source of income.” The man earned in this way, 10 thousand. 650 zł. 60-year-old confessed to the charges against him.

He wants to voluntarily surrender to the penalty of imprisonment and execution of community service 40 hours a month. (PAP) Author: Ewa Bąkowska According to the newspaper officials are probing the possibility to benefit from the provisions of the 2004 Act, written with the aim of acts of war or terrorism; it gives special powers to the authorities in a situation requiring state intervention to ensure the security of citizens. This should include the possibility of introducing a curfew, ban from leaving the country, temporary confiscation of property, and even the use of military force to suppress riots and the imposition of martial law. The Act also allows for the suspension of any other rights – unregulated human rights – for a maximum period of 21 days. “The main theme throughout the planning in the event of non-contractual brexitu is civil disobedience, and fears that it could lead to death (people) as a result of shortages of food or medicine” – the source said “Times”. When asked about these preparations Health Minister Matt Hancock said in an interview with the BBC that the government “consider all the possibilities,” but “does not focus on this particular option” imposition of martial law. At the same time, “Sunday Times” and the television Sky News revealed that British forces began gathering food, fuel, spare mechanical parts and ammunition in overseas bases in the Falkland Islands, Cyprus and Gibraltar. In recent months, the Ministry of Defense issued for this purpose as much as 23 million pounds; He wants in this way to ensure that regardless of any supply disruptions after brexicie army will have no trouble with the current funkcjonowaniem.zobacz also: Will fall down the foundations of peace. Northern Ireland brexit marks the return of the old demons »British House of Commons voted on January 15 by the government against the proposed project agreement Theresa May output Britain from the EU.

In the absence of most of the proposed agreement by May or alternative, pursuant to the procedure described in Article exit. 50 of the Treaty on European Union, United Kingdom automatically leave the Community without a contract at midnight from 29 to 30 March. This would probably lead to serious difficulties in international trade and problems with the supply of food and medicines, as well as zaburzyłby European supply chain, eg. In the automotive industry. Among the possible scenarios out of the impasse they are .: repeat vote in parliament after the receipt of further political assurances from the EU, the extension of the procedure starting from the Community under Article. 50 of the Treaty, the output of the EU without a contract, organization, or to hold a second referendum on early parliamentary elections.

Another series of votes on brexitu is scheduled for Tuesday; MPs then have a vote on a series of amendments to the resolution indicating the recommended plan for further negotiations with the EU. “Only + + fake news media and Trump’s enemies want me to stop using social media (110 million people). This is the only opportunity to submit my truth, “the president wrote. Trump is very active in social media, especially on Twitter, where he comments on current events, the progress in the investigation ws. Interference of Russia in last year’s presidential election, criticized the action of the Republican Party and even announces appointments in its administration or decisions. His political opponents urge that the president used the more conventional media. In addition, some Republicans believe that the activity of the president on Twitter may prejudice the branding of the whole administration. However, Trump does not seem to take this into account.

The President believes that it is best to communicate information to the public without going through the media, because they can often disrupt the message. Last month, he wrote that his use of Twitter is “the modern presidency.” From Washington Joanna Korycińska (PAP) According to the government document, “the Scottish government can not recommend approval of the bill to parliament in its current form,” fearing the centralization of power in the hands of the British government and the parliament in Westminster. At the same time it noted that “although the Scottish Government regrets that the United Kingdom intends to leave the European Union, it accepts that some preparations have to be made, including the behavior of a functioning legal system.” See also: UK: BBC investigation revealed a mass grave of children in Scotland »As highlighted, while the Scottish authorities recognize the risks of using these changes to try to take over the government in London of certain powers which previously were subject to the European Union, and after exit from the Community should hit the national governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The document also stated that the governments of Scotland and Wales together will convince MPs to vote on the amendments to the wording of the Act, which would allow them to consent to the adoption of legislation. Consent of national parliaments in Scotland and Wales is not necessary, but the lack of nasiliłby tensions between the central government and the national authorities.

British Minister. Scotland David Mundell rated however, that that law ultimately will increase the powers of local authorities. On the night of Monday to Tuesday, the British House of Commons passed a second reading of the Act on the UK exit from the European Union, which according to the guidelines is to ensure regulatory stability after leaving the Community. The new law aims to repeal the entry of the UK into the EU from 1972, which introduced the principle of primacy of Community law, while moving the existing Community rules into UK law. They will then consequently analyzed and changed by the relevant ministry to fit the new situation after Brexicie.

Among the most controversial provisions of the ministers is to give a time-limited right to make technical changes in regulations through secondary legislation – eg. The regulations – in order to adapt them to the situation after leaving the EU. This solution – called “Henry VIII clause” – would allow for changes in the law without full control over the MPs also procesem.zobacz: UK: The Queen has opened a new cable-stayed bridge in Scotland »Stage work in the committee and third reading is scheduled for October ; then Members will also be able to introduce their amendments.